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Why I like threading in my reader

I came upon an interesting blog-based discussion rather late, as I have been busy with Thanksgiving and other activities.  But when I came upon it, I had a good chunk of the blog discussion right at my fingertips, thanks to SharpReader's threading feature.

The first post where I came across the article was Euan Semple's Process, which was a posting of his comment on the original.  To get to the original, all I had to do was expand the thread, as you can see in the attached image.  I didn't have to open Euan's post in the browser.  I didn't have to find Ross' post in the folder where I keep his articles.  I could see that Euan had posted something later in the week as well.  Opening up the entire thread, I could see that several of the blogs I read regularly commented on the article or were referenced by others in their own writings.  I could see that my search feeds from and other places had links to the article as well.  And when I was done, everything was read and I don't have to worry about seeing them again when I browse through my normal locations for those feeds.  And if someone posts something new on the topic, I will be able to open the thread again and see that I've read most of the related material.

I know that Rss Bandit also does threading, and they released a new version recently.  Are there other aggregators which can do this kind of thing for me?  It doesn't have to be threading per se, but I would love to see related articles collected together in some fashion - and it has to happen automatically because I don't want to tell the reader to pay attention to specific articles or topics.  (I do use search feeds that do this at a higher level, but grouping based on article references is too granular - at least that is my perception.)

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