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Weinberger summary talk at Digital Genres

David Weinberger gave another excellent talk, this time as the free, end-of-conference talk at Digital Genres. David more-or-less remembered meeting me when he spoke at Seabury-Western two weeks ago. We had fun drawing out his few jokes after the talk too.

David talked about how and why blogging matters, similar to the earlier discussion at Seabury. This time I heard much more about the idea of blogs being another representation of self. This comes about from several observations about the way the current set of blogging tools work: The nature of writing in blogs is an expression of willingness to publish "unfinished" and imperfect thoughts. This then engenders an interesting relationship with readers, who are willing to forgive the author as long as she writes interesting stuff. In combination with coments and trackback schemes, modern blogs consist of webs of interested parties. There is also the idea that we always know where to find blog writing - at the author's "home."

David wrapped up by tying back to the idea of "body" and why blogs feel so much like a person, but that there is no body in which everything happens. David feels confused. Someone help him.

Oh, and don't tell David how Buffy ends for the season. Marci accidentally gave a partial spoiler to David in the group jesting after the talk. Oops.

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