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KM - people or technology

Essentially, knowledge management is about how technology can benefit people. Windley's description of Winer's comments about blogging connect to that immediately for me. What if we started talking about KM by discussing the personal or business problems that need to be solved, rather than a great new piece of software.

Windley's Enterprise Computing Weblog

In the context of a larger conversation Dave says: "When people write about technology, they're just manipulating symbols to tell you about themselves so they ought to just cut out the middleman and talk about people." That's an interesting perspective and one I wouldn't disagree with. All writers, no matter what their subject are telling you about themselves in certain ways. Of course, I don' t think that means that we ought to just all write about ourselves. Product reviews and technical analysis are still useful.

Update Sept 2005: Corrrect URL to permalink from Windley's archives.

Impact of KM on Employees

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