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KM glossary, primer and bibiography

Thanks to elearnspace blog, I find an almost circular reference: ia/ Knowledge Management glossary, primer and bibliography

AOK: Knowledge Strategy newsletter (login required) pointed to these resources for knowledge management:

This particular EZine is written by my friend, Noreen Kelly. We have been writing these missives for a couple years now. Mine have focused on "knowledge architecture," but we never stayed terribly close to the focus of the EZines. Look for a new schedule of EZines from AOK.

Notes: The Association of Knowledge Work (AOK) website is now completely login-free. They redesigned the site recently and opened it up to everyone.

Update Sept 2005: Corrected the URL to eLearnSpace. AOK no longer does regular ezines. And AOK membership is no longer free, but it's still a great value.

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