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Transpersonal psychology and change management

The McKinsey Quarterly: The psychology of change management

Employees will alter their mind-sets only if they see the point of the change and agree with it -- at least enough to give it a try. The surrounding structures (reward and recognition systems, for example) must be in tune with the new behavior. Employees must have the skills to do what it requires. Finally, they must see people they respect modeling it actively. Each of these conditions is realized independently; together they add up to a way of changing the behavior of people in organizations by changing attitudes about what can and should happen at work.

This article by Emily Lawson and Colin Price highlights interpersonal (transpersonal) psychology as applied to change management in organizations. As we hear frequently in the non-technical knowledge management literature, getting people to change their approach in business is often much more painful that getting applications up and running. (Not that applications are "easy.")

Good stuff to keep in mind.

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