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Project management defined

Hal Macomber offers some thoughts on two definitions of project management and wraps up with the following: Project Management: A New Definition or a 20 Year-Old Definition?

I could go on. If I did, then I'd argue that the fascination with process is a bureaucrat's approach that will only bring down the level of performance on projects. I'd go on to mention that we continue to plan our projects to determine an outcome rather than embrace the uncertainty of our world. And I'd finish by attacking our belief that we know our situations rather than acting with the humility of our ever-blindness. But I don't need to do that here. Greg Howell and I did that in our IGLC-11 paper, Linguistic Action: Contributing to the Theory Of Lean Construction.

The first definition is about command and control, the second about inquisitiveness and a desire to get productive work done through the people managed.

Unfolding projects

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