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Managing unconscious knowledge? The ''Other'' Knowledge

C.G. Jung proved that our unconscious is not just a bunch of instincts and repressions, but contains "intelligence" that comes to us seemingly out of nowhere. What's more, technologies for managing the unconscious have been in existence for thousands of years. So how can IT benefit?
[from elearnspace]

John David Balla goes from here to discuss the conscious vs. unconscious mind and then into the abilities of many non-Western cultures to integrate these parts of the mind, where Westerners have essentially forgotten any important connection.

There is a lot of knowledge buried in our unconscious - either that we have explicitly learned and turned into "unconscious competence" or that stuff we just know -- intuition. Balla then draws us back to KM and how difficult it is to encode intuition and the unconscious. I wonder if the focus on collaboration and innovation isn't an attempt to bring the rest of the mind into the picture, without explicit attempts to encode it?

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