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Types of communities

How to Save the World: Community

We each live and work in three distinctive types of communities, each of which has a different makeup and function:

  1. Neighbourhoods - those people with whom we physically share space, where we live, at various levels of aggregation from our immediate neighbours to whole nations and even the planet we share with others.
  2. Collaborators - those people with whom we make a living. As I've pointed out in my essays on New Collaborative Enterprises, I believe a new model is needed to replace the bankrupt and dysfunctional corporate model we developed a few centuries ago.
  3. Networks - those people with whom we share a common interest. We all belong to many networks.

Dave Pollard is preparing a book and talks about the neighborhood in which he lives and then follows that with discussion of types of communities above. These are all communities, as in groups of people with whom we commune.

Contributing and enabling technologies for knowledge management

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