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Conference: email management

The Ark Group is offering a "first of its kind" conference on dealing with email from a corporate perspective: email ownership, legal issues, monitoring, cost reduction, email policies, etc. It would be nice to see some information on strategies for effective use of email in personal and interpersonal knowledge sharing.

Ark Group Conferences and Events Diary

Ark Group's "Building an effective strategy for Email Management" conference is the first of its kind. This conference features speakers and discussions on: the ownership of email issues, the costs to the company from email, policies and legal issues and how to capture knowledge. With case studies from AMP and the Department of Family and Community Services, and presentations from experts such as Chris Joscelyne, Chair of the Australian IT Security Forum, Meg McNaughton, Hunt & Hunt Lawyers, Michael Gadiel, Labor Council NSW and a keynote address by Senator Kate Lundy this event WILL change how you manage email.

Conference Brochure (pdf)

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