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Is email losing it?

I've seen a number of items along these lines recently. They all express concern with handling email amid the flurry of spam and virus messages. My personal Yahoo mailbox sent me a warning recently that it was getting full. It turns out that my BulkMail folder was getting full of the Swen, the latest virus. Something on the order of 4 MB of junk to a few hundred KB of useful mail that I still receive on that account.

Ideas in Technology and Publishing: 278 E-mails, and Nothing's On

Is e-mail dead? I tend to not think too much of e-mail in the context of content management, but I do have clients who are interested in at least managing e-mail archives. But, in truth, is it really worth saving?

Fortunately, spam blockers and other tools clean up a lot of the junk. But I still need to be vigilant when reviewing my mail, getting rid of the stuff I really don't need and properly archiving what I do.

Will they look at the system?

Knowledge vs. Technology