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Dusty Baker has high Emotional IQ

Today's Chicago Tribune had articles about the managers for both the Cubs and the White Sox. Since the Cubs might be getting into the playoffs, the article about Dusty Baker talked about how his style has taken them this far. It mentioned the concept of Emotional Intelligence a number of times in reference to Baker's excellent rapport with all the ballplayers as well as the front office, where there is a new GM.

A master motivator turns around lovable losers Chicago Tribune, Sept. 26, 2003. (Registration required to read full article)

... to his players, Baker's appeal has more to do with mutual respect--a deep and abiding sense that they can trust him, that he'll show them how to win.

Players say Baker has the rare ability to bond with people--black, white, Asian and Latino--and knows how and when to give them what they need to excel. He doesn't coddle his players. He pays attention, listening to them carefully and respecting their concerns and anxieties. More important still, he is straight with them.


"There's a lot of different things that teach you to deal with people," Baker said. "Everybody's not the same. You don't want everybody to be the same."

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