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Scientists like to cook too

As a chemical engineer by training and someone who likes to cook, it is good to know that scientists like to ply their skills in the kitchen.
The Scientist :: Snapshot | Who's in the Kitchen? Scientists!, Jul. 14, 2003 (free registration req'd)

A remarkable 88% of the 361 readers of The Scientist who responded to our survey prepare a meal at home once every week or more. More than half, 57%, bustle about in the kitchen nearly every day. And these scientists are not just boiling an egg or opening a bag of lettuce; 79% declare that those who eat their meals consider them good, excellent, or outstanding chefs.

More details (survey results):
How often do you cook at home:

  • 23%: Every day
  • 34%: Nearly every day
  • 22%: More than once per week
  • 9%: About once per week
  • 7%: Less than once per month

How do you rate your cooking:

  • 4%: Poor
  • 7%: Acceptable
  • 40%: Good
  • 6%: Outstanding
  • 33%: Excellent

[Thanks to Coffeeblog]

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