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BloggingWorks: Copyright

There was some discussion of how to write for the web. Nothing too new to me, but the conversations during the workshop were interesting. And the examples on the bad end always provide plenty of laughs.

During discussion of writing for the web, the inevitable question of copyright came up. With the standard behavior of quoting other sources, are there concerns over someone using copyrighted material without permission? In general, it seems, no. Most people apply some form of quotation or blockquote when they refer to other people's work. And since this is the web, most of us keep a link to the original material if at all possible.

This doesn't prevent things from being ripped off. But the wonderful thing that many people have found in the blogosphere is that the thieves get "outed" faster than you would ever discover yourself. Anil Dash mentioned that Six Apart have had a few instances that were corrected quickly, but the funniest is that and have exactly the same design. Someone needs some help.

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