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KM at The Law Society

A brief interview with Angela Hector of the Law Society of England and Wales in the KMPro's October 2003 KMProfile newsletter (pdf), page 3:

Every organisation has its own unique knowledge needs, and The Law Society is no exception. As a not-for-profit organisation with a public-facing, accountable role, effective KM needs to deliver on intangibles such as customer satisfaction, for its own 12,000-plus members, as well as being a careful and effective regulator of the profession in the eyes of the public. Yet the Society has suffered from sudden change and a stop-start approach to projects, partially as a result of its organisational nature.

Specifically, the article discusses implementation of a customer relationship management package that didn't fit the needs of the organization. They are retrenching and looking to gain KM wins from building up the existing infrastructure. One example includes the simple, but often elusive, idea of integrating the HR, payroll and training systems.

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