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Review of The Future of Knowledge

Madanmohan Rao wrote an in-depth review of Verna Allee's latest book. The Future of Knowledge

In addition to knowledge, organizations of the future need to tap value from interrelated networks of employees, partners and society at large for creating prosperity. So says Verna Allee, author of The Knowledge Evolution and founder of Verna Allee Associates (

Her latest book, The Future of Knowledge covers a wide range of material including intangible assets, enterprise networks, exchange dynamics, generative learning, conscious conversation, network principles and complexity theory. The 15 chapters are divided into five sections, with interesting illustrations provided by Digital4Sight and Hemera Technologies.

"Knowledge is evolving to an entirely new level. We are focusing on knowledge and intangibles as creative questions to prepare ourselves for a very different world of enterprise -- one that is fluid, complex and more interdependent than ever before experienced in human history," Allee begins.

The full article is a couple pages long. Useful reference.

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