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Davenport knowledge work wrap-up

Tom Davenport writes his last article on The Next Big Thing for CIO Magazine. Putting It All Together Again - The New Work Order - CIO Magazine Oct 1,2003. This is his summary of the problems he's identified in this series of articles:

  • Knowledge work is hard to measure, so most of us don't bother.
  • Although not all knowledge workers are alike, there is no standard classification or segmentation scheme for them.
  • There are lots of "productivity tools" for knowledge workers - too many - but they don't connect well with each other.
  • The organizational support for knowledge work is similarly fragmented and comes from a variety of IT organizations, human resources, facilities organizations and so forth.

Here are all the other articles in this series:
A Measurable Proposal - June 1
Withering Heights - July 1
Serenity Now! - Aug 1
Big Offices are Better - Sept 1

[It figures that I find this after I post about Jim McGee's letter to the editor. ]

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