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A KMWorld wrap-up

Mindjack has a writeup after attending KMWorld. He sees KM fading from the marketing, but possibly still working in the background. Is KM becoming a basic competency? Mindjack - Deconstructing Knowledge

[The] momentum seems to be dead and buried, if the recent KM World-Intranets Convention in Santa Clara, California (Oct. 14-16) is any indicator. While a few dozen booths does not make for a solid statistical base, I nevertheless took the time to collect sales brochures from each booth, take them home, spread them out, and highlight all the hot-button words.

Of all the companies, only three were pushing KM as their core product, and one of those had carefully rewritten it as "Bottom-up Knowledge Management" -- as the sales rep allowed, to differentiate themselves from social engineering consultants. Even the conference's home page reflects this, with the subtitle "Content, Document, and Knowledge Management" placing knowledge last in the trinity.

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