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Status reports and good writing

A wide variety of people are talking about status reports, particularly Jim McGee. And people have already talked about Google's (and others) practice of collecting daily email updates and delivering those updates to everyone.

And then I find a couple entries on the quality of writing that, to me, ties very nicely to the topic. In one of my email discussion groups, there was a long discussion of what makes good leaders in on-line communities. Among many qualities, people generally agreed that the people who communicate well in that medium are those that can rise to the top. Or, those who cannot communicate in that medium, are unlikely to become leaders, even if they have other leadership qualities.

Column Two found an article on The importance of documentation

Peter Seebach has written an article on the importance of documentation. To quote:
As documentation decreases in quality, users stop turning to it. As users stop turning to it, companies stop trying to maintain it -- why bother, if the users won't read it? This line of reasoning is dooming the future of documentation to failure. Documentation is important and needs to be taken seriously.


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