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Gaming the system

Lee LeFever has been trying to figure out how to get better recognition for his business via his blog, Common Craft. Case Study: Using a Weblog to Achieve #1 Rankings in Google

This is a case study documenting best practices in using a weblog to achieve #1 rankings in Google. Below you will find a link to a .pdf file as well as the complete text of the case study as a weblog entry.

We've seen most of this information before, but this was the first discussion I've seen that approached the question logically and without making his efforts sound underhanded. Obviously, he wants to attact business, and getting attention for good writing is a great way to do it.

This was quickly followed by Valdis Krebs mentioning his Star Tribune article on Google Numbers from October: What's Your Google Number.

It turns out that I am fairly well-known in my field, but not a thought-leader, yet.

KM for scientists

History of pharma companies