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KMPro Chicago - Report from the top

Report from the top: Overview of the CKO Summit - Mary Lee Kennedy, Microsoft Director of Knowledge Network Group at the KMPro Chicago Chapter meeting 13 January 2004.

Summary: Each year some of the top CKO's from around the globe meet in Ireland for a 'CKO Summit', an opportunity to discuss issues and problems with their peers. The CKO Summits are unique, highly practical, events where knowledge professionals from organizations spend two days together sharing experiences, debating key issues and working together to formulate new strategies. It is a learning event for a community of people who are catalysts for change and a rare opportunity to spend quality time with peers wrestling with the same challenges. What did these CKO's discuss at 6th annual CKO Summit help last October?

Join us for an inside look at what this group of the globe's top knowledge professionals discussed. What were the hot issues this year? Did the group develop any new strategies?

Speaker bio: Mary Lee Kennedy is director of the Knowledge Network Group (KNG) at Microsoft Corporation. KNG is responsible for Microsoft's information excellence program, two enterprise information portals (Microsoft Web and Library), site information services, shared services such as search and taxonomy, and content services such as news and the corporate archives. Kennedy has been interviewed and published in CIO Magazine, Bloomberg News, Internet Library Trends, PC Week and Information Week, as well as being a frequent speaker at knowledge and information-related conferences.

The KMPro Chicago meeting for January will be the 13th at either Allstate, Northbrook or Factiva, Chicago or via the web. See the Chicago Chapter site for more info.

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