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I'm back up

Something ate my blog database, so I've been out for the past week. The problem has been corrected, and thankfully I haven't lost any work. I've been stockpiling entries, so expect to see a bunch of new stuff over the next couple days.

Oh, And in case you haven't done a backup, you probably want to do so. In Moveable Type, there seem to be two options. The first, is simply to go over to your Import/Export button on the left and export your blog. This dumps out a text file that can be used to re-import. Unfortunately, any internal links would get hosed. And this doesn't include anything you've done to formatting and stylesheets. But it is a good backup of the content. The other option is to backup the underlying database at the system level. If you don't know what this means, talk to your host provider. Cronaca discusses this with some additional links.

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