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Writing and conversations

Gabriela Avram writes about More on switching to the writing mode, which made me think about Lilia's current discussion of conversations. Gabriela says:

More on switching to the writing mode. I remember a documentary about the extraordinary French actress Simone Signoret writing her memories (she was, at the time, torn apart by cancer little by little). She said she always left the page unfinished, the idea open in the evening. This way, in the morning it was very easy to restart, just continuing the idea, experiencing a sense of duty that motivated her.
The one-day-old story chained naturally with another one as she wrote...
Her advice was never to stop when you finished- stop right in the middle at the end of the day. This will motivate you to go on. Will this work for me?

I wonder if blog-conversations could be thought of as people finishing stories for one another. Rather than write a "complete" set of thoughts on a topic, the blogging medium allows us to toss ideas out into the ether and see what sticks. If others decide to pick up on the ideas and take them a new direction, all the better. Similar, if I pick up on something like Gabriela's post and take it in this direction, where might someone else take it?

Reading blogs and writing this one gives me the opportunity to toss out ideas and thoughts to an ever-changing and growing conversation.

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