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KM and Cycling

You have to love a guy who can combine bicycle racing and knowledge management. Anjo Anjewierden: The Ultimate Blunder

Sometimes having "too much" knowledge results in the ultimate blunder. Perhaps the most amusing and best documented example is Erik Zabel's "near" victory in last Saturday's traditional cycling race Milan - San Remo.

This is where the need for judicious filtering and having the important facts on hand becomes critical - we don't have time to consult our KM systems when timing is everything. It's an interesting aspect of human behavior that we tend to focus on one thing (the Poggio and Petacchi), even when there are other things to which we should pay attention (Freire). Zabel showed this in his "after action reviews" where he admitted to his blunder. Hindsight is 20-20 in cycling, as in other disciplines. Of course, Zabel is still at the top of the UCI World Rankings.

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