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KM: Supply vs Demand

Gantthead's latest newsletter, included an article by George Ball on KM: Supply vs. Demand

First, KM is a complex process. Its form and function is very much dependent on both the specific organizational/operational goals and the people that it serves. Second, because it is a people-driven process, the outputs of which are usually more subjective than objective, it is critical that everyone involved in the process is thoroughly familiar with its many components. And finally, because of these first two "facts," KM is probably best pursued and applied in situations where it can be as focused as possible on narrowly defined tasks.

Along with my recent comments on improving communication, this article also talks about the fact that people think differently from one another. This spills over into knowledge management efforts in that an approach geared towards number crunchers will not appeal to those who are heavily verbal, and visa versa.

Ball suggests that any effort, KM or otherwise, ensure it is focused on the right things. Does it tie into organizational goals? Does it appeal to the people who are impacted by the change? This also ties to my interests in business - tying the organizational goals to their knowledge needs.

Warning: there are some tongue-in-cheek politics in the article.

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