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If TOC is so great...

Clark Ching is trying to spread the word about the Theory of Constraints, but he is a little worried. If Goldratt's TOC is so great then how come no one's ever heard of it?

The Goal introduced the Theory of Constraints (TOC) to the world but, the weird thing is ... no one - apart from my wife, a few odd people on odd email lists and now you - has ever heard of TOC.

This is a great question. A friend is doing theory of constraints consulting and has been having a dickens of a time getting beyond a certain level of success. Given how much the TOC-boosters (me included) talk about the concept and how Viable Vision is going to generate amazing new revenues, why aren't more companies jumping on board?

Let's see if Clark can achieve his goal of publicizing TOC.

Wish me luck

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