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Pink != "women"

I ran across Jena McGregor's reaction to seeing, "Women want anything but a black laptop case, and if it's pink all the better." in United's in-flight magazineFast Company Now: Don't Think Pink

I nearly spilt coffee all over my lap. Glancing down at the beaten up black laptop case under the seat in front of me, I tried to imagine walking into an interview with one of the engineering executives I'd be meeting later that day with a pink laptop case. The thought made me laugh out loud.

I'm obviously not a woman, but this pink = women thinking always annoys me. The next level is flowers = women. The result is that if you want something that is business oriented but not in the standard, staid colors you get floral prints or, in this case, pink.

With the current manufacturing capabilities available, I would expect to be able to custom order these items in nearly any color the sun. I really dislike the traditional black computer bags - why can't we have something that looks a little less functional and has some flash without going completely into the pink? I have been carrying a Timbuk2 messenger bag with a computer sleeve insert that has worked very well. I realize it may be a little beyond what most people want, but it works wonderfully.

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