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Starting tomorrow

Last week I mentioned an interview. Well, I got the gig and it starts tomorrow! I will be at a local insurance company, though I will be operating as an employee of Ajilon Consulting, who do a lot of technology contracting / temporary assignments.

A few people asked if blogging had anything to do with my getting the job. I asked the closest contact I have within this particular organization - the guy who advocated for me - and he said it was more important that we interacted at our local KM networking group. Obviously, the hiring managers could have Googled me, but we didn't talk about my blog during the interview.

The fact that I am blogging has given me the opportunity to interact with many more people than I would have done in the past year. Along with all my other KM network-related activities, such as writing for and participating in AOK for the last few years, I have gained a wide network of people and friends that I wouldn't have had before. Whether this has gotten me the job is not the question. My work here is a piece of a larger picture of what I do.

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