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Collaborate, Really Collaborate

Hal Macomber publishes regular e-Tips of the week. This week he reminds us how important it is to get up and get around the other people in your group. (Kinda operates against the absence make a team grow stronger article.) Project e-Tip of the Week: Collaborate; Really Collaborate

Whether you believe two are smarter than one, or three are smarter than two, all but trivial projects depend on more than one person to complete. Large projects might number in the thousands of performers. Why isolate people from each other. Learning and innovation are both social processes. Judgement also benefits from broad perspectives and experience. Here are 5 questions to get you started to make collaboration your habit:

  1. Who could help me with this?
  2. What do I have to offer others?
  3. What new ways can we meet on a regular basis?
  4. How can we stay in tune with each others' changing project work?
  5. What can you do to be more responsive to each other?

Share this e-Tip with your team at your next meeting. Use the five questions to generate actions you will take as a group. Revisit how you are doing each time you meet.

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