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10 things to know before you start

Cutting Through points us to some work of Jonathan Briggs on what he would have liked to know before starting his business, instead of learning-by-doing. 10 things to know before you start

  1. Understanding cashflow is the first important lesson to learn. The cheque is never in the post.

  2. Clients will always change their minds.
  3. Make sure that you charge properly for the work you do or you will not survive as a business.
  4. Business is a combination of therapy, battle and the circus.
  5. It is better to deliver 100% of the project than 110% of 90%. Leave exciting ideas that crop up during the project to phase 2.
  6. Software engineers cannot spell.
  7. Banks don't want to help small businesses because they will not take risks.
  8. There is a considerable danger in over-planning projects. Plan but allow for unexpected events.
  9. Don't accept all the work that you are offered because some of it is not worth doing.
  10. Managing client expectations and client education is a major part of the job.

A friend has already warned me about number 10. When we were talking about potentially working together, he said that as a consultant I have to remember that it is my responsibility to "make it right" for the client. I can no longer blame the software or some outside influence if the project in question doesn't succeed marvelously. It's my responsibility as the consultant to make sure I do everything in my power to make it succeed.

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