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Belated Blogoversary

My new baby got in the way of the one-year anniversary of my blog. My first entry was on Weinberger's talk at Seabury via AKMA. Not only was it a great talk, but it had the side benefit of referencing a couple of a-list bloggers and potentially generating some traffic for me.

A lot has happened since that first posting. Pfizer bought Pharmacia that April and had announced it was closing the Chicago operations shortly before the blog started. I spent the summer and fall deciding whether to stay with the company (moving to New Jersey) or move off into something different. I've decided to start my own KM consultancy, and I already have a new gig rolling. My former colleagues have spread their wings too, including my boss going to the TOC Center, where there may be future opportunities.

This weblog has provided an excellent forum for me to spout off on every topic I find interesting, and I have found a wide circle of like-minded friends and thinkers. From my blogroll, you can see that I have far too many things too read to fill my head with ideas. And I am continually finding new voices that I like to hear. A quick check for my blog on Technorati turns up 63 links today, which makes me happy. In June 2003, I had merely 400 visitors. Today I am getting 7-8,000 a month, though many are from aggregators.

I must acknowledge Jim McGee in encouraging me to start this blog, along with all the other blogs I had been reading to that point last year.

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