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Diseconomies of scale

I always enjoy Jeff Angus' Management by Baseball stories about baseball and connections to smart management techniques. He has an interesting article on New York Mets Confront the Diseconomies of Scale

If you have problems [with diseconomies of scale], consider this recent New York Mets' initiative, and use it as a pattern:
  1. Pick out your most irritating problems.
  2. Checkmark the ones most amplified by lack of uniform knowledge across departments or the whole organization.
  3. Build a cross-disciplinary connection between what's really going on (operational people; in the Mets' case, the pitching coach), and the strategic or other upstream departments (in the Mets' case, the scouting/drafting function).
  4. Give them incentive to succeed.

In other words, analyze the problem and apply solutions that make sense tpo your specific problems. How often do you see a solution in search of a problem?

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