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KM can work for you

Shiv Singh has a great article on Making Knowledge Management Work on your Intranet at Boxes and Arrows. Introduction:

In the information economy, the longevity of an organization is based as much on the sophistication of its knowledge management practices as it is on traditional differentiators such as the strength of its products, the talent of its employees, and its marketplace reputation and partner relationships. Simply speaking, as actionable and insightful information becomes the currency of an organization, there are few other ways to tap into any latent potential lost in the office corridors.

The knowledge management practice has to be all about how people in the organization create, transfer, transform, learn, share, and more around knowledge. While the basic processes may be the same, the way a specific organization goes about these things are specialized for their particular focus and style. This is where good strategy and good understanding of what is important to the organization becomes critical.

[I started to complain that this article was too short and then went to the website to find an excellent full-length article that goes into the intracacies that this introduction implies. Please at least let me know that there is more on your website in your Web Feed.]

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