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Generations of KM

In Read/Write Web: Knowledge Management for Generation Y, Richard MacManus talks about differences in how generations approach business and the implications for knowledge management.

[snip] As I read this it occured to me how the field of Knowledge Management is undergoing a seachange right now. Knowledge Management has been a failure for Generation X from the 90's up till now and frankly most KM consultants haven't got a clue about the changes coming in Generation Y. The very changes that Dina summarises so well.

I like where he is going with this. Everyone is familiar with the claim that Gen Y (and Gen X) is much more comfortable with technology, with the usual implication of "webify everything for Gen Y employees." This line of thinking goes deeper into the impact of how different generations interact with one another and even how they approach the world, which is much closer to the nature of knowledge management than a new website.

Richard goes on for quite a while and references several other articles to draw together his ideas. Read the whole article.

Knowledge over time

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