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What have you learned from KM?

From an interview in the January 2003 Destination KM: Saving Millions while Improving Customer Service, Madanmohan Rao interviews Jennifer Saldanha of J.D. Edwards

Q. What are the top three things you have learned about KM over the years?
1. Focus on business issues and value. KM platforms extend beyond the technical infrastructure.
2. Plan for, develop and maintain the system according to the needs of the users. Take an outside-in approach to best accommodate user-driven needs.
3. Define an enterprise strategy with supporting RoI.

What have I learned from knowledge management? Most of this has little to do with KM per se, but this is the path on which I have learned these things.

  1. Change works when people see how it helps them do their work.
  2. Any new idea must fit the business strategy, particularly with the strategy around growth and development of the business.
  3. Change is not a product -- it cannot be purchased.

How about you? What has being involved in knowledge management taught you?

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