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Retrieved entries

When I rebuilt my blog last month, I managed to leave out or lose one third of my entries from the end of October through the end of January. I'm not sure what I did because they are all there in the export file I created. So, now I have re-imported those entries and they are available for all to see.

Some of my favorites:
The series on the Chicagoland Learning Leaders Conference. There are plans in the works for a 2004 version on 28 October.
My thoughts on The Axemaker's Gift and Automating Knowledge.
My first introduction to the Personal Information Cloud of Thomas Vander Wal.
The David Ticoll talk at Big Frontier.
My post on working with limited resources.
The first post where I admit to thinking of striking out on my own.
Comments about knowing what one knows.

KMPro panel on social networks and SNA

KMPro: Panel on Social Networks