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Ripples, Play, Innovation

Two interesting articles have come across my aggregator that remind me how important it is to have fun and to actively look for opportunities to throw my thoughts onto the waters. All 'nose to the grindstone' leaves me with a very flat face.

Rebecca Ryan at Worthwhile Magazine, Thought is the Most Productive Form of Work (Not)

So I'm here to tell you: Thought is NOT the most productive form of work. PLAY is. PLAY engages all of our senses. It moves muscles other than our cerebrums. PLAY rejuvenates, makes room for risk, and reminds us what it is to feel truly alive.

Curt Rosengren at The Occupational Adventure, The power of ripples

In my own journey, one of the things I am coming to understand is how important the idea of being a catalyst is for me - throwing the pebble in the pond and being the source of ripples, which then do their own thing. I often say, only half joking, that I want to change the world, I just don't want to do the work.

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