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Embracing Uncertainty

The Occupational Adventure (sm): Embracing Uncertainty: What if it's good?

Curt Rosengren has a look at the personal perspective of uncertainty that links nicely to my comments about the value of uncertainty. The Occupational Adventure on Embracing Uncertainty: What if it's good?

One of the things most of us fall prey to (including yours truly) is looking at the future and saying, "What if...?" Unfortunately, that what if is usually followed by a litany of things that could be bad. Jeffers suggests a different spin on it. Ask yourself, "What if it's good?"

In my personal life and in business, I need to consider all the possibilities. Here Curt is suggesting that we need to move away from the paralyzing focus on potentially negative outcomes to see to positive instead. This is the same in business - not only look at the number, but look at how confident you are and what range it can take. How does this information change your perspective on the decision process? Do you go after an opportunity with a guaranteed, but moderate return, or do you head for the option with a higher potential but that has a risk of loss too?

The more you know, the better can be your decisions.

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