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KM at Novartis, Part 2

I wrote about KM at Novartis last year, concluding that there wasn't much happening at the pharmaceutical giant with respect to knowledge management. Apparently I was wrong.

The Novartis Campus Project in their "about Novartis" pages talks about their planned transformation:

Novartis is aiming to transform the St. Johann site - its headquarters in Basel - from an industrial complex to a place of innovation, knowledge and encounter. The new "Campus" should offer Novartis employees and visitors an environment for intensive levels of communication and work, which is ultra-modern, very functional and aesthetically pleasing.

It is great to see that Novartis still acknowledges the long-term value of knowledge management and taking care of the people doing the innovation. There is also a glossy pdf about the project from a Novartis journal.

[link via the CEO Reputation blog of Leslie Gaines-Ross, which I discovered in my PubSub search on knowledge management (rss feed).]

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