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KMPro having some growing pains

Denham says, in Troubles ahead at KmPro?

There seems to be a board level leadership struggle happening at KMPro

This is an understatement. Either there is a blowout of amazing proportions happening, or it is a tempest in a teapot. There are egos, money, intellectual property issues, lawsuits, counter-suits and more all flowing around the KMPro headquarters in the Washington, DC area. Denham posts links to the essential documents from both sides of the fence (here and here). And there is more coming with a new YahooGroup created in an attempt to get conversation going.

Certainly, KMPro is not the first organization to go through these pains, and it will not be the last. Other KM organizations have come to this point as well. KM Consortium International folded and has become a research, publishing and certification organization, KMCI. Before this, I had never heard of KIMPS, which seems to be handled by the eKnowledgeCenter / GKEC. Even better, they claim to have been doing CKM training since before KMPro existed.

In the end, though Denham asks the right question.

One wonders what happens to the KMPro chapters and membership while the top dogs do battle?

I think the KMPro chapters can go on without the validation of KMPro as a whole, because the chapters have operated as networking groups for people interested in knowledge management. I get together with these people because we share a common interest in the field, and I want to continue gathering with them as long as I am interested. Associating with KMPro does give fledgling chapters a sense of connection to a larger body. KMPro Chicago will continue meeting - and is hosting Tom Hoglund of EDS on 14 September.

I don't know what becomes of individual members, particularly those outside of the areas where chapters meet regularly. I've certainly never received anything but requests for my annual dues from the KMPro organization. (There were a few issues of a KMPro Journal.)

Maybe training and certification need to be completely separated from networking and knowledge sharing.

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