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Some things really are better in person

Clark Ching needed to get a little something off his chest after doing some on-line learning: Use the force.

Can you imagine what learning the force would have been like if Luke and Yoda had communicated by email?

Luke's starfighter is sunk deep into a swap and he wants to get it out.  He's read a few books about the force and he's practice a bit - in the privacy of his own home - but the best he's managed has been to accidentally rewind the video recorder.  So he pulls out his PDA/Spacephone and sends a note to Yoda: 

"Hi there Yoda,
My space ship is stuck in a swamp. 
I'm trying my my hardest to use the force, but nothing seems to work,
Can u help?

A few days later Yoda replies:

Nice to hear from you.  I hope you are well. 
Do, or do not. There is no try. 
LOL Yoda. 
Ps how's your dad?"

Small business needs KM too

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