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RSS and info overload

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An article by Robin Good from March of this year talks about Information Overload: The Future Of Search And Information Access. It's a collection of several thoughts around how information is found and provided. I found his thoughts about web feeds interesting

I am tired of accessing RSS newsfeeds that contain only press releases from companies announcing, promoting and marketing products. That is NOT the type of information I seek in a dedicated RSS news feed. I search for true quality selected content on a very specific topic. Believe me, there isn't much around, and when you see this type of content, which by nature is rather ad-free, you recognize it immediately.

You recognize it by the fact that it enriches your knowledge, resources, tools and solutions at every item it delivers to you.

When you provide content that is of value and makes people think, those people recognize its value immediately. Some of us reflect that value back in our own web feeds, either by referencing the content directly or adding our own commentary and perspective to the item in question. This is my preferred mode. If I am going to reference someone's work, I might as well also tell you why I think it is interesting and use it to expand my own thinking on the topic.

[found through Michael Fioritto's Weblog]

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