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PKM: Me, Others, Ideas

Lilia Efimova is back to thinking about personal knowledge management with a new drawing that attempts to bring some ideas together. Personal KM model: new version drafted.

One of the ideas behind Personal KM is that a holistic view that it will help me operate better in my groups - whether that group is within a company; amongst my clients; amongst professional colleagues; or other collections of people.

I like Lilia's reference to awareness as a key component of this model. Awareness is all about my (and the groups') capability to make connections across all the "stuff" that makes up me. Most of that is built inside, but there are plenty of artifacts that help me connect to what I know. An idea behind PKM is to help remind me of what I know - either by presenting some artifact or by building mechanisms by which I can use what I have more effectively in my interactions with others.

I'm not completely sure of this either. Trying to blend "I want to be more efficient" with the reality of needing to be effective as a group is difficult to discuss under one topic. But I sense that they are connected.

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