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The 'K' is silent

Lloyd Davis is doing some thinking at Perfect Path about what he wants to do with his knowledge management consulting practice and has decided to call it "kmanagement" instead: Kmanagement (the 'K' is silent).

I very much appreciate his realization that it isn't about "knowledge management" per se, but about how an organization runs itself. How we operate together. In Lloyd's words:

The thing I want to be talking about is not so much "how do you manage tacit knowledge?" or the such like, but rather how do I manage this organisation, or hey, just my team, given that everything I learned on business courses told me to manage this way and every instinct I have tells me that I need to do something different - because I'm not managing manual workers and production lines, I'm managing clever, talented, wild-thinking people who are currently creating the next great version of what this organisation really is.

This is very much the way I've been thinking about my own consultancy. Thanks for the words, Lloyd.

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