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Embedded knowledge

A new reader, Lucas Rodriguez Cervera of Nevant, has left a few interesting comments (here and here). This, in combination with other interesting activity at AOK and the Critical Chain Yahoo! Group have me thinking about what I want to do with my consulting practice and where I'd like to see knowledge management go in general.

My consulting work is about helping organizations get value from their knowledge, which is rather nebulous, but gives me a launching point. Knowledge is has to be built into how organizations AND people do business -- and at that point it is almost fruitless to talk about knowledge itself. The important thing becomes questions around what drives the business or what motivates people.

This also leads me and my consulting down the path of wanting to work with smaller groups to help them take advantage of all the "time management" and other efficiency training that has been available over the years.

Thanks for the inspiration, Lucas. And, Lucas, it would be great to hear a more sustained voice from you and Nevant. Maybe you could start your own weblog?

Knowledge discovery at Purdue

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