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BlogWalk, yes in Chicago in January

b.cognosco worries that it might be a tad cold in January. Lilia asked me about this, as she had been warned. So, let's do a little comparison shopping:

average Chicago temperatures in January: 22 F (-5 C), avg snowfall 10.7 in (27 cm)
average Moscow temperatures in January: 14 F (-10 C), avg snowfall 14 in (35.6 cm)
but then she is leaving Amsterdam: 38 F (+3 C)
and coming from Hawaii (Honolulu) : 73 F (23 C)

Chicago sounds a bit better than Moscow, but then Honolulu sounds even better. Maybe we can find someone to transport us all to Hawaii instead of Lilia coming to Chicago.

Participation just isn't on the mind map

BlogWalk 6 in Chicago