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Abbott Labs library looking for a KM person

Abbott Laboratories have an opening for a "Web Master and Project Lead" in their Global Knowledge Resource Systems Team:

Library Information Resources (LIR) provides enterprise-wide access to published business, medical, scientific and technical information in support of knowledge workers at all levels of the organization. In addition, the LIR is beginning to provide services related to information taxonomy and knowledge search/find. In accomplishing these objective, the library has developed an extensive portfolio of information resources in both print and electronic formats. Through an intranet site, the LIR provides access to a rapidly expanding collection of digital information resources for use by both domestic and international affiliates.

Working as part of the Global Knowledge Resource Systems Team, and in cooperation with Corporate Business Systems and Abbott Corporate IT, the Knowledge Analyst - Web Master will coordinate the day-to-day development and maintenance of the Abbott Laboratories Library web page, which includes providing access to electronic resources, coordinating content and graphics and maintaining site organization and structure. This position will demonstrate project management practices by establishing plans for efficient resource allocation, project time lines, monitoring progress against project plan and accurately communicating project status... and will adjust strategy to accommodate changes and obstacles. In addition, this role will assist strongly in setting technology strategy within LIR, and will partner with internal IT teams to produce technology best practices.

The description says are looking for someone with an IT or Library Science background.

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