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Blogs in business article

Howard Baldwin writes in the 1 January issue of Electronic Business Online, Blogs for business?

Forget about all the hype you've heard about blogs (a.k.a. Web logs) as the latest outlet for personal journalism. It turns out they also have a remarkable ability to aid communication in business, whether within internal workgroups or among external chains of suppliers and partners. For an industry such as electronics -- where relationships are far-flung and time-to-market pressures require fast communications -- blogs can bring a new agility to the workforce.

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And there is a great quote from Phil Gomes, "blogs work best internally as a knowledge management tool, because information can be made so easily accessible."  We all know about blogs as external communication vehicles, because that is what people see.  But internally, they can become part of a conversation and community strategy.  And blogs (and wikis) are also excellent tools for recording information we don't want to lose. 

Of course, this all needs to fit within the overall strategy for the organization.  The article also mentions, briefly, that several companies have tried blogs internally and their usage morphed as they learned what to do with them and how blogging should or should not be part of the job description. 

What are blogs, is there more?

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