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Towards blogging co-operatives

Following on yesterday's post, Olaf Brugman also comments on the "next generation blogging" discussion: Towards blogging co-operatives:

[snip]So what's really going on? My impression is that the need expressed to move from traditional blogging to blogging that is more 'in context', collaborative or interactive has not so much to do with technologies. The heart of the matter is what people are committed to work on, produce, or realize together.  ...  Bloggers are forming organizations and co-operatives. This is an interesting development, all the more since bloggers tend to see it as an advantage to not be part of an organization.[snip]

A larger sense of community develops through blogging (and other online venues), and these people get together to do something new based on their familliarity with one another and their incliniation to share and learn and contribute out in the open.  Olaf also makes an interesting connection to NGO's - that they are a collection of passionate people out to do some good.

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