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Guiding Principles of Knowledge

I wish I had come up with this set of Guiding Principles of Knowledge from Knowledgeline:

When brainstorming with my colleagues came up with a list of things that we felt were the guiding principles of knowledge. When coming up with knowledge initiatives we tried to stick to these guiding principles in our designs.

  1. Knowledge is information in context.
  2. Information should be easily shared with and collaborated on by clients
  3. Knowledge is: what, how and educational
  4. We should learn from our mistakes
  5. We should formalize and disseminate the things that work
  6. Ease of access and use is part of the value of knowledge
  7. Practice group and local/regional boundaries should be removed
  8. Knowledge is to share, not to horde for personal use
  9. Capture knowledge when it is fresh -- know when it is stale
  10. Principles should not compromise activity/results
  11. Focus should be on supporting the core Business strategies

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