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Knowledge Sharing is Paying Tribute

 Olaf Brugman at his Goiaba Knowledge Bridge says Knowledge Sharing is Paying Tribute:

To share knowledge with others is a form of paying tribute to those [who] once shared with us, and who helped you become what we are now. As such, knowledge sharing is a quite rewarding experience. Read on to learn why.

Olaf runs through several reasons why knowledge sharing is important, regardless of what you call it.  I think he hits a very important point when he says that the act of sharing with one another is the reward in itself.  It is a central human activity that is difficult to quantify.  You share with me what you learned from someone else.  Then I take what you've given me, combine it with what others have taught, and pass it along to other people.  By this I develop my own understanding as well as passing on important information to those other people. 

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